KScan phosphoproteomics platform

KScan®, the phosphoproteomics platform developed by Kinomica’s founders, has the potential to predict patient responses to targeted therapies with greater accuracy than currently possible.

KScan® directly measures intracellular kinase and cell-signalling pathway activity in cells and tissues, and combines the phosphoproteomics readout with innovative computational (including machine-learning) algorithms and high-quality data to reveal drug molecular efficacy, mechanisms of action and therapeutic resistance; identify and validate new biomarkers; inform diagnostic decision-making; and identify novel and/or alternative drug targets and therapies.

scientist in a white coat examing informtion on a clip board scientist stood in a lab wearing a white coat examining data on a clip board
KScan our phosphoproteomics platform KScan bioinformatics and phosphoproteomics machine in the lab

The KScan® offering can be tailored to provide a range of services to meet specific customer needs and is being developed further as a companion diagnostic technology to guide physicians in the selection of effective treatment for each individual patient, facilitation enhanced precision medicine.


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“Our technology can look at over 10,000 proteins in one simple experiment and tell researchers exactly which proteins are activated and deactivated. This is hugely important and relevant for personalised medicine“

Jane Theaker, Kinomica CEO