Our patented Kinase Substrate Enrichment Analysis (KSEA) can be used to provide a direct readout of kinase cell-signalling pathway activity in healthy or diseased cells. With our analytical computational algorithms, we can inform and guide drug discovery and development.

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KSea diagram showing edge enrichment in growth factor-treated cells

KSEA (Kinase Substrate Enrichment Analysis) uses data science algorithms, trained on experimental data, to highlight changes in kinases activities as a result of drug or other external perturbations. Applications range from elucidating drug mode of action to the identification of the most effective drug targets.

The Solution: KScan®

KScan®: A next generation biomarker and molecular diagnostics platform

What is KScan®?

A patented database of kinase substrate relationships

Patented algorithms to determine which kinases are enriched

Kinase Activity Leader Board - K-Score

Patented Method for systematic identification of regulatory protein kinases (K-Score)

Significance of KScan®

KScan phosphoproteomics platform

KSEA Publication

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KScan phosphoproteomics platform
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“We can help scientists to understand more accurately where their drugs can have the most efficacious impact, reducing costs and speeding development, and we can help clinicians identify which drug will work most effectively in a patient target group”

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