Liquid Chromatography

Kinomica’s LC-MS/MS Quantitative Phosphoproteomics methodology has been developed on cutting edge instrumentation. Initially developed on the LTQ-Orbitrap platform in 2008, it has been continually improved and enhanced as the Mass Spectrometry instruments have evolved to higher and faster performance levels.

the ultimate 3000 lc/ms/ms mass spectrometer lc/ms/ms ultimate 3000 mass spectrometer
close up of the lens part of the lc/ms/ms mass spectrometer

The KScan® platform takes the LC-MS/MS raw data as its input; the minimum performance standard is validated on the Q-Exactive Plus. Data can be used from other types of Mass Spectrometer, meeting an equivalent-or-better level of performance.

Reliable and Reproducible data, across large batches, is critical to KScan®’s success. To ensure liquid handling is accurate, Kinomica employ the Bravo AssayMAP for the phosphoenrichment part of the method.

sceintist examining data on a large computer screen

The Solution: KScan®

KScan®: A next generation biomarker and molecular diagnostics platform

What is KScan®?

A patented database of kinase substrate relationships

Patented algorithms to determine which kinases are enriched

Kinase Activity Leader Board - K-Score

Patented Method for systematic identification of regulatory protein kinases (K-Score)

Significance of KScan®

close up image of the lc/ms/ms mass spectrometer

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LC/MS/MS mass spectrometer KScan phosphoproteomics platform
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“Our technology can look at over 10,000 proteins in one simple experiment and tell researchers exactly which proteins are activated and deactivated. This is hugely important and relevant for personalised medicine“

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