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scientist placing a sample vial in a tray of sample vials scientist placing a sample vial in a tray of smaple vials

In almost all disease processes in biological systems, changes in protein phosphorylation have an inherent cause-and-effect in onset, progression and decline. KScan®’s ability to reveal the phosphoproteomic signatures of network circuitry gives powerful insights in many therapeutic areas.

Sample Types:

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Fresh-frozen tissue

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Peripheral Blood (PBMC)


Kinomica’s services in Oncology drug development deliver identification of targets, mode of action studies, off-target effects, drug resistance mechanisms and improved patient stratification for Clinical Trials.

scientist placing a sample vial in a tray of sample vials

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“Our technology can look at over 10,000 proteins in one simple experiment and tell researchers exactly which proteins are activated and deactivated. This is hugely important and relevant for personalised medicine“

Jane Theaker, Kinomica CEO