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Andrew Williamson

Head of Research

Andrew joined Kinomica from Thermo Scientific where he was a proteomics and biopharma expert for 7 years, prior to which he spent 13 years as an academic working on proteomic analysis of various cancer and stem cell systems at the Universities of Manchester and Leeds.

Arran Dokal

Chief Technology Officer

Arran worked with the company’s co-founders whilst an academic at Barts Cancer Institute before spearheading the technical and commercial development of phosphoproteomics within Kinomica. Arran has previously worked at the biopharmaceutical company Xention.

Amy Campbell

Mass Spectrometry Lead

Amy previously led SWATH-MS/DDA data analysis and interpretation at the Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre. Prior to that she investigated phosphoproteomic changes during tumour development at the Centre for Proteomic Research at the University of Liverpool.

David Perkins

Bioinformatics Lead

In 1997 David created the now ubiquitous MASCOT software for the rapid identification of proteins using mass spectrometry. David has held positions in bioinformatic proteomics at the Francis Crick Institute, Cancer Research UK and Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Weronika Borek

Bioinformatics Lead

Wera joined Kinomica from the University of Edinburgh, where during her 12 years in academia, she led multiple phospho- and whole- proteomics projects in cellular and reproductive biology, both as a bioinformatician and a wet lab scientist.

Svetlana Boumaza

Head of Finance

Svetlana is a highly accomplished finance professional with over 15 years of accounting and management experience, including in both public and private biotechnology companies.

Tim Fell

Executive Chair

Tim is a seasoned biotech entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience building pioneering life science companies. He joined Kinomica from Synthace, a Life Sciences R&D cloud platform company that he led for 8 years.


Professor Pedro Cutillas


Pedro leads the Integrative Cell Signalling and Proteomics Group within the Haemato-Oncology Department at Barts Cancer Institute. He is a Fellow of the Turing Institute and has worked in the field of LC-MS/MS proteomics for 20 years.

Dr David Britton


David has held academic positions in the field of oncology at Cardiff University, The Buck Institute and Barts Cancer Institute, and has worked in industry at Thermo Scientific and Proteome Sciences where he specialized in mass spectrometry and proteomics technologies

Professor John Gribben


John is a world leader in the treatment and research of leukaemia and lymphoma and leads the Haemato-Oncology Department at Barts Cancer Institute. He serves on the Executive Board of the European Hematology Association where he was President from 2019-2021.

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