KScan phosphoproteomics platform

We harness the power of proteomics to improve predictions of drug efficacy and patient response to targeted therapies, and deliver accurate and reliable biomarkers and molecular diagnostic tools.

Kinomica provides bespoke R&D and diagnostic services to meet specific customer needs and inform diagnostic decision-making.

Preclinical Services

Discover how our labs can support your drug discovery and development at the preclinical stage and Phase I. Save time and reduce costs with our tailored services and insights!

scientist in a white coat examing informtion on a clip board
scientist stood in a lab wearing a white coat examining data on a clip board

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To find out more about the technology behind Kinomica’s advanced bioinformatics and phosphoproteomics analytical methods, talk to our experts.

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“Our technology and analysis capabilities will mean than patients can be matched to the correct drugs reducing time spent on ineffective medicines and increasing lifespans and quality of life”

Jane Theaker, Kinomica CEO